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The Benefits of Dual Pane Windows

Allen W Warren

A veteran real estate professional, Allen W. Warren has overseen activities at New Faze Development since 1990. Serving as the company’s president and CEO, Allen W. Warren focuses the firm’s property development activities on energy efficiency, with each New Faze home coming equipped with dual-pane windows. Here are some of the benefits of dual-pane windows.

1. Savings. Though the initial investment for dual-pane windows is higher than that for single-pane variants, the energy savings through their use allows the homeowner to save money on his or her energy bills.
2. Condensation. While condensation seems like a minor issue at first, it leads to inefficient heat transfer and may cause dampness to spread in the home. Dual-pane windows help homeowners avoid this issue by minimizing condensation.
3. Security. Dual-pane windows offer a sterner challenge to burglars, as the glass is tougher to penetrate than with single-pane windows. Further, dual-pane windows come with strong seals, which makes them difficult to pry open from outside the property.

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